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Quality Adherence

  • Weldermen to undergo WPS / PQR / WPQ under third party witnessing / accreditation (TUV / BVIPL) every alternate year as per ASME: Sec IX.
  • Platestock UT lamination confirming to ASTM: A-435 for thicknesses (>) 32 mm.
  • European Standardized Markings followed and observed for all manufactures.
  • SMAW / SAW Weldings confirming to AWS: E-7018 in accordance to AWS: D1.1 for Structural Steelwork Fabrication and ASME: Section IX for Technological Steelwork Fabrication all over.
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI) / Dye Penetrant Testing (DPT) / Ulatrasonic Testing (UT) confirming to ASME: Sec VIII Div I for Fillet / Butt Welds.
  • Tolerances confirming to NSS / UK 4TH Edition for Structural Steelwork Fabrication and DIN: 7168 for Technological Steelwork Fabrication.
  • Progressive Mock-up / Trial Assembly for dimension checks.
  • Surface Preparation in accordance with ISO: 8501-1 and Dry Firm Thickness (DFT) checks for Surface Treatment.